Job Search Engine

Job search engine is courtesy of Google. This section will walk you though step by step on how to use the Google search engine as your own personal job search engine. With a few quick and easy searches you can locate jobs in your area that are available and posted on the internet.

Getting Started

Your first step is to determine relevant job titles. You should use more then one in your searches. maintains a large list of job titles to review as well as salary information.

Creating a Search

The next step is to do a search. Here is an example for a HR Manger in Florida:

HR Manager + EOE + FL

This search returns a large amount results. But if we change FL to Orlando

HR Manager + EOE + Orlando

we get much more focused results.

Changing the Job Title

If we change the job title to

Human Resources Manager + EOE + Orlando

With this search we get a get a completely different yet relevant set of results. Be sure to include EOE in your search as this is almost always in a job posting.

Doing the Search

Feel free to use the google search box below and good luck!


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