Personal Information in a Resume

Resume Miners has partnered with the internet's leading portal of resume writing services to provide you with the most comprehensive free resume center on the internet. Here you can find out how to write a resume that works. This section deals with personal information and references in a resume.

Personal Information and References

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There are very few times when personal information is appropriate on a resume. Usually such facts only take up valuable white space, especially details such as age, sex, race, health, or marital status, and other information that potential employers are not allowed to ask anyway. There are exceptions to every rule in the resume business, however! Here are some of them:

  • International resumes in almost all cases require date of birth, place of birth, citizenship, marital status, sex, and a photograph.
  • Students, or those who have recently graduated, often have a difficult time coming up with enough paid experience to demonstrate their qualifications. But, if they have held leadership positions in campus organizations or have supervised groups of people and organized activities on a volunteer basis, then an "Activities" section could strengthen those qualifications.
  • A list of sporting interests would be helpful for a person looking for a sports marketing position.
  • If you are looking for a job in sales where you would need to travel a great deal, or overseas where relocating an entire family becomes expensive, showing that you are unmarried and willing to travel could be helpful.
  • Submitting a resume to a U.S. company doing business in certain foreign countries could be another example. On such a resume, an "Interests" section would show a prospective employer that your hobbies are compatible with the host country.


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