Healthcare Executive Resume Sourcing

Healthcare Executive Resume Sourcing Service from Resume Miners provides targeted employment candidate identification and screening for mid-level and executive positions.

Healthcare Executive Resume Sourcing Service includes the following components:

  • Situation analysis: Resume Miners will work with you to obtain an understanding of your company, industry, goals, and position requirements.
  • Preliminary candidate research: Resume Miners will support the development of a search strategy and conduct a preliminary candidate search with the results presented for review.
  • Candidate identification: We will conduct comprehensive research targeting both active and passive candidates.
  • Candidate Screening: An optional service. Resume Miners will initiate initial contact with prospective candidates to determine interest and availability.
  • Presentation of Candidates: Resume Miners will provide a report containing the resumes of 5 to 15 prospective candidates.

Resume Miners also provides the following executive Resume Sourcing services:

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For more information about our Executive Recruiting Services please contact

Troy Boeldt
Director of Client Development

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