Home Business Finance

Home Business Finance will help you organize your finances with information geared towards the home business owner. Home Business Finance advice is courtesy of Allfreelancework.com.

Avoiding a Tax Audit

You probably aren't too concerned about being selected for an audit. Well, if you're a freelancer, avoiding an audit should always be on your mind as you file your taxes. Why? Because, no matter how straight you play it, freelancers get audited much more than salaried employees do. Read more. Avoiding a Tax Audit

Getting Paid

Getting paid is the single most important aspect of being a freelancer, so make sure that you take your time and do things right. If you donít, you might land up getting screwed in the end. Just because you have completed a huge profile job and you are looking to receive big dough in return, doesnít mean that the client is going to pay on time or even pay at all. There are many strategies to deal with delinquent clients, but there are also many precautionary measures that you should take when initiating a relationship with your client. Read More. Getting Paid

Budgeting a Home Business

For people with a salaried job, budgeting their income and expenses is an easy task. A regular paycheck comes in for them every two weeks with taxes and benefits already taken out. For them it is easy to predict how much income will come in and what expenses will go out. But when you leave your full-time job for a freelance career, you also leave behind your stable paycheck. So how do you make sure that you have enough money to pay your rent? Read more. Budgeting a Home Business

Vacationing Away from a Home Business

If you are a full-time freelancer then you probably have problems finding time to relax and get away from it all. However, getting away every now and then is essential for the long-term success of your business. Does taking a vacation sound impossible to you? Leaving home and your business doesn't have to be a disaster. Follow these steps and you can make your dream vacation happen. Read more Vacationing Away from a Home Business

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