Common Law School Admissions Essay Topics

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The common law school admissions essay topics section will help you begin to focus your thinking on how to write common law school admissions essay topics. This section focuses on essays on why you would like to study law.

Common Law School Admissions Essay Topics:

Why Law? | How Am I Qualified? | How Am I Unique? | Issue-Based Essays

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Why Law?

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When you don't have interesting, fresh ideas to offer about the legal profession or the study of law, you are better off emphasizing your unique strengths rather than stating platitudes about your future career. In the tired eyes of an admissions officer, nothing is more tedious than an essay that starts off, "I have always wanted to be a lawyer," and then cites a list of trite reasons. One obvious mistake is to focus on your parents' experiences as lawyers without demonstrating any independent, mature thinking about your own goals.

A less obvious, more common mistake is to write about how you want to help people. The fact is that most law school graduates, especially from the top schools, go on to work in the private sector. Law school admissions officers are not out to judge the moral value of your career intentions, particularly because they know that people often change their minds. They're well aware that most of their graduates will go on to seek financially rewarding careers. Therefore, applicants who mention clichés about wanting to "improve society" usually sound disingenuous.


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