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Jim identified the facts: he had usable skills and qualities and had a proven history of adding value to his company. He wanted a job that would challenge and grow with him, enabling him to build his career. He knew himself well enough to realize that he thrived in large companies rather than small ones and in positions in which he was able to assume significant responsibility for outcomes and people. He also had specific salary goals and minimum requirements. He did not want to settle for any open position. His circumstances would have been discouraging for anyone, but he needed to find the right fit. His extended search did not reflect upon his worth as a viable candidate or person.

Eventually, an attractive company invited Jim for an interview. Since his resume indicated that he had stopped working at his previous company five months prior, he anticipated that the interviewers would question him about this gap in employment. He carefully prepared an answer, focusing on his desire to find a job that matches his specific abilities and goals. He could guarantee his skills, but he could not control the availability of positions.

Lack of experience:

Gwen had a formidable obstacle to overcome as well: she had little professional experience in her area of interest. A recent graduate from college, Gwen majored in English Literature and Political Science. Now she wanted to break into the marketing field. She was confident that she could learn the job quickly and contribute creative ideas. Her friends envied her ability to anticipate and ride trends. As a child, she used to make up commercials and present them to her family in the living room. She was sure that she had raw, untapped talent on which she could capitalize. Still, she would have to convince the Marketing Manager that her inexperience as compared with other candidates was trivial.


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