Negotiating the Terms of Your Compensation

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In this section you will learn strategies for negotiating the terms of your compensation.

Negotiating the Terms of Your Compensation

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When the job offer is on the table, the time has come to negotiate a compensation package. The company is emotionally invested in you, believing that you will benefit their team. To vindicate their investment of time and resources in their employee search, securing you as an employee becomes their goal. All this means that the employer is willing to spend more on you than she would have been at the end of the first interview.

The prospect of negotiating the terms of employment surges through some like adrenaline and others like an imminent fainting spell. If you do not tend to get the results you want from negotiations, or the mere prospect of discussing money makes you squirm, consider these guidelines for more effective negotiation.

Know what you are worth

You can almost guarantee that the person negotiating the terms of employment on behalf of the company knows your value. When you begin negotiations, you should also know how much your work is worth. Using internet resources, do research on the salary and compensation ranges for comparable jobs in the area. Be sure to use sources that account for differences in cost of living between cities. Glean information during interviews and from your network of sources that indicates the relative value of the position in the company. Are you applying to be a CFO or an entry-level accountant? 


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