Resume Miners Resume Sourcing Process

Resume Miners resume sourcing process is defined by a deep understanding of our clients needs and our knowledge and ability to source top notch industry talent that corresponds to your requirements.

Developing a Candidate Search Strategy

Resume Miners first develops a customized candidate search strategy based on your specific job opening.

Resume Miners utilizes our knowledge and experience to map out the most effective methodology to source the right candidates.

Developing an understanding of the clients needs

Resume Miners conducts a first run candidate search and delivers a report to the client with a representative sampling of available candidates for review and feedback.

Refined Resume Sourcing

With knowledge developed in the previous steps Resume Miners refines our searches to provide targeted candidate identification and screening.

To learn more about how Resume Miners locates employment candidates visit How Resume Miners Sources Candidates.

Presentation of Candidates

Resume Miners presents the client with a report containing the resumes and other information obtained about the top candidates including our observations and input.

For more information about our recruiting solutions or Resume Miners resume sourcing process please contact

Troy Boeldt
Director of Client Development

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