Sharpening Skills

Do you find it difficult to move from task to task or are you very flexible when it comes to retaining and evaluating a lot of different information? Or perhaps the idea of having to manage others really turns you off? On the other hand, maybe you're the type who has never been bothered by the idea of delegating and loves the challenge of long-range planning. There are all different types of managers. See what type you are.

Are You A Good Decision Maker?

Decisions, decisions, decisions. It seems like every time we turn around, we have to make more decisions. The question is, "Are you a good decision maker?" If you aren't (or don't think you are), there is no need to worry. Decision-making is a skill that can be learned by anyone. Although some people may find this particular skill easier than others, everyone applies a similar process.

There are two basic kinds of decisions: See what types there are.

Important Structures of Successful Meetings

Successful meetings use structure. Procedures and structure help groups perform significantly better in meetings. Meeting structures are the solid foundation upon which effective meetings are built. Here is a list of some of the important structures that make a successful meeting.

Quality & ISO 9000 International Standards of Excellence

How do you measure Success? Quality is one yardstick that businesses and customers alike may choose. Whether a company calls it Total Quality Management (TQM), Total Quality Control (TQC), or by some other designation, all such programs aim to improve operating processes, products and services. But quality can be a very subjective judgment. Your idea of what constitutes quality service, for instance, may be very different from that of the clerk who serves you at the grocery store. And the grocery store in Boston may have a different standard of quality than the grocery store in Los Angeles or London.

That's where ISO 9000 fits in. The term refers to a series of universal standards that define a "Quality Assurance" system developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and adopted by 90 countries around the world.

You Can't Do It All - Learning To Delegate

There is not a single management skill more critical to your personal and professional success as an entrepreneur than learning to delegate. There is much more to delegating than meets the eye. It does not mean to simply hand out assignments. It is a science and an exercise in understanding one's self. Click here to learn more.

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