Adjusting to a New Job

Resume Miners the leading employer services recruiting and staffing firm on the internet has partnered with the internet's leading portal of resume writing services to provide you with the most comprehensive Free Job Resource Center on the internet. In this section you can learn tips to help you adjust to you new job.

Adjusting to a New Job

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The first few weeks of a new job are always difficult. You want to impress your co-workers as a hard-working, honest, intelligent team member. You want to show your boss that you are competent and talented. And all the while, you can't remember which cabinet holds the office supplies, you've forgotten at least two officemates' names, and your computer seems to be haunted. 

Even seasoned professionals say starting a new job is rough - it's even harder if you're a recent college graduate getting acquainted with the real world. However, if you anticipate the challenges ahead, your transition to working America will be much smoother:

Take advantage of the mentoring program.

If your company offers you a mentor, don't hesitate to sign up for this opportunity. Not only will a good mentor provide you with unparalleled networking opportunities, but he or she will also give you tips on how to excel in your job, advise you on how to realize your long-term goals, and provide a career trajectory that you might want to use as a model.

Don't be afraid to write things down.

Maybe it's not best to be poised with a notebook during the first round of office interviews, scribbling away instead of making eye-contact and shaking hands. However, when you get back to your desk, don't hesitate to write down co-workers' names and key data about them. While you're at it, write down where the office supplies are, what day the cleaning crew will empty your garbage can, where the recycling bin is, and whether you need to contribute money to buy grinds and filters for the "free" coffee.


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