Self Assessment

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Self Assessment

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To many recent college graduates, the most difficult part of finding a job does not involve formatting resumes, networking, and answering interview questions with panache. Instead, these tasks sound like a cakewalk compared to the seemingly monstrous exercise of figuring out what jobs to apply for in the first place.

However, according to Phyllis R. Stein, a Boston-area career coach, the process of figuring out the best career for you need not be overwhelming or mystical. "Trying to figure out where you're going is a very logical process," Stein says, likening it to following a cake recipe or methodically cleaning a car engine.

A common mistake Stein says she has noted in her clients is a tendency to assess the job market; pinpoint where the plentiful, lucrative jobs are; and then, without a second thought, direct their energies toward entering that field. The problem with that approach, however, is that a career in the hottest, trendiest field might be a terrible match for the jobseeker, and the choice to blindly enter a particular field can lead to unhappiness and a jarring career change later on.

Instead, Stein encourages her clients to devote themselves to figuring out their occupational callings before they even think about the job market. By divorcing the process of self-assessment from the reality of landing a job, Stein says her clients are better able to choose satisfying careers. 


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