Researching Jobs

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Researching Jobs

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Now that you've determined your interests and skills, it's time to do some heavy-duty research. (Don't lose sight of the fact that your ability to do efficient, productive research in your quest for employment is the direct result of the skills you gained in your liberal arts degree!) Figure out what job descriptions match your skills and passions. Determine your long-term and short-term career goals. The Occupational Outlook Handbook and the Dictionary of Occupational Titles, as well as many other job search books can be quite helpful. Don't forget to look into jobs in the non-profit sector.

To get you started, here's a sampling of the broad scope of positions liberal arts majors often occupy. Note that for some professions, you'll need to get an advanced degree:

Journalist Manager (in retail, food service, hotels, etc.)
Research Assistant Editor
Social Worker Urban Planner
Investment Banker Translator
Entrepreneur Human Resources Hiring Manager
Teacher Technical Writer
Counselor/Therapist Copy Editor
Paralegal Event Planner
Press Secretary Librarian
Actor Political Campaign Manager
Lay-out Designer Interior Designer
Publisher Detective
Agent Management Consultant


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