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Ask well-placed, clarifying questions. 

If you do not fully understand something that the interviewer asks or says, it is best to clarify. Doing so signals to the interviewer that you are invested in what he or she is saying. These questions can be tricky, however. If you ask questions that seek clarification on issues that are tangential to the thrust of the interviewer's communication, they derail the person's train of thought and cause people to become defensive or withdrawn. The interviewer will be convinced that you are not paying attention if you seek information that has just been given to you. Before interrupting the interviewer to clarify a point, make sure that you are listening attentively. Follow the train of thought of the speaker. Then pose a question.

Example: I'm sorry, I don't think that I fully understand the reporting structure for this position. Would I have one or two supervisors?

Ask open-ended questions. 

Open-ended questions allow the interviewer to respond as he or she desires and also demonstrate that you are open to what the interviewer says. The responses might challenge your assumptions, so they mitigate miscommunication. They also allow you subtly to steer the interview in a way that allows you to learn the things you wish about the company and job. The information you gather from these questions will assist you in evaluating the company.

Example: What are the greatest challenges that the person filling this position will likely encounter?

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