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In this networking tutorial you will learn how to use contacts and acquaintances to get you into your next job. The networking tutorial also has advice on how to develop new networking opportunities.

Networking Tips

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While it would make the introverts, the meek, the shy, and the novices awfully happy if the newspaper classifieds contained all job openings, that's simply not the case. In fact, some of the best jobs aren't listed anywhere except in the mental catalogues of CEOs and managers.

So how do you apply for jobs that aren't advertised anywhere, that exist only in the seemingly inaccessible minds of working America's movers and shakers? You meet people who might have insight into your job search. You talk to people who know people who could help you out. You chat it up with strangers at parties. You cold-call people you've read about in the newspaper. You write cordial letters to prominent community leaders. You cultivate an arsenal of contacts. In short, you network.

Think about networking as a game, as a sport, as a personal challenge. In the following pages are some strategies for success.


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